Bodegas Cerrosol launches its Night-Harvest wine

If the stars are properly aligned Bodegas Cerrosol will launch its first night-time wine in February 2018.

The night is magical, it brings us the best moments to gather our bunches; when the heat disappears, temperatures fall to preserve the magic of our “Verdejo” grapes, from our centenary vineyards, from which the alchemy of this wine will be born ……

The harvest carried out in this case, by hand and at night, avoiding the still high temperatures of September in Castilla. The nocturnal harvesting by means of traditional methods guarantees that the grape enters the cellar in the optimal conditions, since it reduces the enzymatic activity of the grapes. Thus, its oxidation is avoided and its organoleptic potential is maintained.


Clear, yellow with greenish iridescence.

The nose presents floral notes, as well as tropical fruits.

The palate has complexity, a balanced acidity and a refined finish slightly bitter and perfumed.

Without aging in wood.

It allows guard.