CERROSOL WINERY launches its ROSÉ: “Viñedos del CABALLO BAYO”

This wine has its origin in Tempranillo grape strains of more than fifty years, red grapes that provide us, through their bleeding, their pink essence. We have prepared 35,000 bottles of a 100% Tempranillo “Rosé Tear Wine” in the traditional way. This wine transports us to the “claret” that our grandparents made decades ago.

From BODEGAS CERROSOL, we wanted to defend the tradition in the production of rosé wines, our Rosé “Viñedos del CABALLO BAYO” is a fresh and elegant wine, but with enough power to accompany any dish of our gastronomy, from grilled fish, paellas, even poultry stews. Due to its acidity, it also paired with spicy foods: curries, spicy mushrooms, etc. Our rosé should be served between 6-8ºC.

It is a funny and funny wine, almost effervescent. We have tried to make a pleasant and easy-to-drink wine, but with enough structure to make it a great wine from great vineyards.


Clean and bright. Deep strawberry colour

Very fruity aromas of strawberry and raspberry, shades of “heart lollipop”, some floral touches, and slightly spicy.

It is a fresh wine, slightly acid, deep in the mouth and persistence

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