Vintage 2018 Begins

Vintage 2018 Begins: This weekend we begin vintage at Bodegas Cerrosol

After a year of waiting, a hard and rainy winter and spring, and a short but relatively hot summer, the harvest came again for the 2018 campaign.

After a beginning of September with some storms and many heats, the grapes already have their optimum levels of maturity for collection.

We have covered all our vineyards one by one in recent days, and the grapes from our vineyards and those of our vine growers are healthy, with no signs of disease and in good conditions.

We will start with the Sauvignon variety, and we will continue with the Viura and with our queen, the Verdejo grape.

We hope that the harvest will last about three weeks and after them the magic of fermentation will lead to our wines for the 2018 vintage.

VENDIMIAR: A term derived from the Latin “Vindemiam” (from vinum, wine, and demere, pick a fruit). Also “Vendémiaire” or “Vendimiario” was the first month of the French republican year. So much was the preponderance of the work of these months, that in France in 1793, during the French Revolution, the Gregorian calendar was replaced by another one, whose stations were formed by three months each, called Autumn Vendimiario, to the quarter in which it was included the vintage According to this calendar, the 11th and last day coincide respectively with September 22nd and October 21st.