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Over 100 years old


Bodegas Cerrosol owns 100 hectares of vineyards for our own production and controls the production of grapes coming from around 200 hectares which allows us to optimize the quality of the grapes used in the elaboration of our wines.

We have three well-differentiated “terroirs”:

  • ESTOCANO, located in the municipality of Valdestillas, vineyard of 22 hectares, with 15 hectares of Verdejo and 6 hectares of Sauvignon, Blanc. This land mixes clay and sand. It is located in a depression in the valley floor which transmits slow ripening and aromas where the Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc express their maximum potential.
  • MONTE, located in the Valdestillas area, located in the “páramo”, which protects from the spring frosts. Vineyard of 22 hectares, with 17 hectares of Verdejo and 5 hectares of Sauvignon, Blanc. It is a very characteristic terrain of boulder, which is very interesting for a very complete maturation.
  • POLLOS, located in Pollos, it is a vineyard of 50 hectares, with 35 hectares of Verdejo and 15 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc. It is a “terroir” where we have up to 5 types of soils, from the pebbles of the higher areas, passing through fine sands in the depression and mix of clay-sands and pebbles on the hill of the plot, which gives us different maturations and types of grapes, in which the Sauvignon Blanc expresses an expressiveness and distinction with respect to other “Sauvignons” in the D.O. RUEDA.

Many of the vineyards are located in the province of Segovia, being one of the best areas for the “Verdejo” grapes in the world, with altitudes between 830 and 910 meters, strong sandy and gravelly soils, a harsh continental climate with low rainfall, and the presence of of many “pre-phylloxera” vineyards.

“We use the grapes from some pre-phylloxera vineyards over 100 years old for our very special wines”

We are the “Verdejo” from Segovia


We have a winery with more than five million liters of processing capacity. Our wine holding winery is mostly outdoors, which allows natural stabilization processes thanks to the low winter temperatures in the area.

We elaborate our wines with the most modern technologies with controlled fermentations at 14ºC during approximately 20 days.

Our wines must be fresh, smooth and balanced.

We are obsessed with the freshness and balance of our wines.

Escudo Bodegas Cerrosol


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