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We open the doors of our winery to all lovers of wine, WINE with capital letters, but made with love, humility, sacrifice and effort. We have been three generations in the world of wine, and more than 50 years dedicated to the autoctone grape of our land, the “Verdejo” grape, and 30 years within the D.O. Rueda, perhaps the most prestigious region of production of quality white wines in Spain.

Our team strives every day to bring our customers-friends our best knowledge through our wine. We try to preserve the traditions, but innovating day by day with the hope that when someone tastes our wines he can enjoy, dream and take in himself a part of our land.


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History with Denomination of Origin

The Verdejo grape has been in the Rueda Denomination of Origin for centuries. Its origin, although not having written testimonies of it, is believed to coincide with the reign of Alfonso VI (11th century). At that time, the Duero basin was repopulated with Cantabrians, Basques and Mozarabs, the latter being the ones that most likely brought the “Verdejo” variety to Spain.

Bodegas Cerrosol has been a member of the D.O. Rueda being one of the founder and pioneer wineries of said D.O. We are proud to have been able to contribute and try to continue doing so to the prestige of the wines of our beloved land.

Bodegas Cerrosol


If you want to know more about Bodegas Cerrosol, as well as about our wines and their commercialization, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to inform you.