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Wines with history


Doña Beatriz (D.O. Rueda)


  • Wine exclusively elaborated with “Verdejo” grapes rigorously controlled in pH, acidity, alcohol and sanitary state.
  • Very light pressing to obtain the premium must. Controlled fermentation at 14ºC for 20 days.
  • Clean and crystalline. Bright straw yellow color with greenish iridescence.
  • Great aromatic intensity. Stone fruits, green apple, with citrus touches and memories of hay.
  • Broad on the palate, medium acidity, sweet and persistent, slightly bitter finish, characteristic of the Segovian Verdejo grape.


  • Wine made exclusively with “Sauvignon Blanc” grapes from our own vineyards.
  • Very light pressing to obtain the premium must. Controlled fermentation at 14ºC for 20 days.
  • Pale yellow with slight greenish tones, very bright.
  • Lush aromas of tropical fruits with a floral background on the nose.
  • Broad and voluminous in the mouth, medium acidity, pleasant palate, fruity and fresh.


  • Wine made exclusively with 100% “Verdejo” grapes selected by hand from a few centenary vineyards located in the province of Segovia. They are sandy prefiloxeric vineyards and at altitudes above 900 meters.
  • Very light pressing to obtain the premium tear. Controlled fermentation at 14ºC for 20 days.
  • Straw yellow color, bright with greenish tones. Clean and crystalline aspect. Intense tear.
  • High aromatic intensity, hints of fruit and great floral expressiveness.
  • Broad on the palate, balanced, round and persistent finish.


  • Made exclusively with “Verdejo” grapes, based on a rigorously selected top quality base wine. A second fermentation is caused in the bottle following the traditional method.
  • Straw yellow color. Very bright with a very thin and delicate bubble.
  • Clean, fresh and fruity aroma.
  • After a fine and elegant evolution in the bottle, it conveys to a great complexity and freshness.


The harvest is carried out by hand and at night, avoiding the still high temperatures of September in Castilla. The nocturnal harvesting by means of traditional methods guarantees that the grape enters the cellar in the optimal conditions, since it reduces the enzymatic activity of the grapes. Thus, its oxidation is avoided and its organoleptic potential is maintained.

  • Clear, yellow with greenish iridescence.
  • The nose presents floral notes, as well as tropical fruits.
  • The palate has complexity, a balanced acidity and a refined finish slightly bitter and perfumed.
  • Without aging in wood.
  • It allows guard.


  • Wine made exclusively with 100% “Verdejo” grapes grown under 100% certified organic agriculture.
  • Controlled fermentation with natural selected yeast at 18-22º C temperatures. We separate the different bunches depending on the grapes coming form different soils.
  • The wine stays with fine lees for a controlled time.
  • Natural stabilization and filtration.
  • Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Clean and bright.
  • Concentrated varietal and mineral aromas, with hints of laurel and fennel.
  • Dry, balanced and tasty.
  • Round and slightly acid which allows a long and elegant finish.


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