2019 Harvest Starts: at Bodegas Cerrosol we start this week the harvest

After a year of waiting, a hard and dry winter and spring, and a short but relatively hot summer, the harvest has arrived again for the 2019 campaign.

After the beginning of September, there is very little rain and many daytime heats, although the night temperatures are lower and lower, the grapes already have their optimum ripening levels for collection.

We have checked all our vineyards one by one in recent days, and the grapes of our vineyards and those of our vine growers are healthy, with no signs of disease and in good condition.
We will start with the Sauvignon variety, and continue with the Viura and our queen, the Verdejo grape.

We hope that the harvest lasts about two long weeks and after them the magic of fermentation will give rise to our wines for the 2018 vintage.

Our harvest is characterized by being performed at night and mostly by machine. These two factors have a decisive influence on the quality of the wines. The mechanization allows the collection to be selective by plots, depending on the maturation and at the discretion of the winemaker. Therefore, the optimal moment of its collection is decided, managing to increase the quality level of the grape items that enter the winery.

On the other hand, when harvesting at night, the lowering of temperatures is used, reducing possible oxidations to the maximum, preserving the organoleptic qualities in perfect conditions and improving the balance between graduation and acidity, which is very important for the production of wines of quality. In addition, with the entry of the grapes in the cellars at a lower temperature, significant energy savings are achieved.