Cerrosol Winery prepares its “GALLUM, TINTO, 2019”

After a careful manual selection of 100% Tempranillo grapes from our region.

After careful fermentation extracting all the aromas.

After laborious but quiet transfers,

At Bodegas Cerrosol we have begun to fill our new American Oak barrels so that our New Red Wine, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León, “GALUM, TINTO, 2019”, matures for approximately three months in them before being transferred to the bottle.

We are producing a special, different wine, with youth but with the vanilla and caramel touches of the new barrel. In any case, our “GALUM, TINTO, 2019” will be a wine for many palates and for all budgets.

We hope that our “GALUM, TINTO, 2019” will see the light towards April 2019.