Doña Beatriz Verdejo, 95 Points y Doña Beatriz Ecológico (BIO), 91 Points

Decanter, verdejo y verdejo ecológico


We have surpassed ourselves! Last year the prestigious DECANTER magazine valued our star wine “DOÑA BEATRIZ VERDEJO” with 94 points and this year for the 2021 vintage it has awarded us 95 Points.

They have also highly valued our recently started work on organic wines, scoring our “DOÑA BEATRIZ ECOLOGICO 2020” (BIO), with 91 Points.

It is a pride for us and for our winery to continue to have the recognition of independent experts for our wines, rewarding the efforts of all our workers, technicians and collaborators. This strengthens us, even more if possible, in our “obsession” to maintain and, if possible, improve the quality of our wines every day.